Digital is the new reality in the internet-dominated era where people are glued to their screens. Gone are the days when you had to step out of your comfort zone to play your favorite games. The digital era has shaped a new generation that is more inclined towards playing games digitally or online using their computer devices. Video consumption has increased phenomenally in the last few years as consumers can watch high-quality videos using their smartphones.

Platforms like YouTube have made it easier for anyone to stream and watch videos. The consumption of game video content has also grown among the Gen-Z population addicted to online gaming. Games video content creators who post their gameplay videos have to edit the video to make it catchy for their target audience. One can easily use tools like InVideo to edit their game video content online without needing any professional knowledge. Let’s delve deeper into some important tips for editing your game videos.

1. Choose the right setting for recording your game video

One of the most important things to note while recording your game videos is that your system is compatible enough for the game to run smoothly. Any texture, pop-up, or stutters that appear during your video gameplay is sent directly to your video file at the time of recording. Watching these unnecessary and irrelevant notifications can be annoying for the viewers. Before you start playing your game, it is highly advisable to make sure that your computer is functioning smoothly. You should always check that your computer can maintain a 1080p resolution with almost 60 frames per second. This is consistently required to produce a good video.

2. Adjust the color scheme

Adjusting the color scheme setting for your games will naturally make your videos look catchier and appealing to the viewers. If you are looking to change your already recorded videos, you need to open the video effects section on your editing application. You can easily alter aspects such as contrast, brightness, etc. Some of the editing tools also provide remedies for fast color correctors. You can also make changes in the saturation level and check for previews before saving the final draft. It is recommended to use a combination of 30%/20% and 20%/15% for brightness contrast settings. It will also aid in improving the clarity of your video.

3. Choose the right editing tools

Choosing the right video maker can make a lot of difference in the final output. Before you jump into editing your videos, make sure that the software you are using is compatible with your device. Alternatively, you can use reliable online video editing tools like InVideo that offer many editing options, including special effects, transitions, audios, templates, etc. It can help you to edit your game videos within a few minutes without having to worry about unsaved changes as everything is on the cloud, being saved in real-time.

4. Transitions and special effects

A quality game video file is incomplete without the proper transitions and special effects. A large video file with long content needs transitions to make the clip interesting for the viewers. It adds to the overall quality of the video. Adding unique effects and transitions to your game video clip helps to upgrade the quality of your content and makes it look more professional. The professional element can easily help you to establish authority in your niche. Most reliable online games video editors offer their users a wide range of transitions and special effects to make the content interesting for viewers.

5. Add audio

Any video clip is incomplete without the correct audio sync. Adding an audio file to a video clip can help change the video's context. It adds a unique dimension to your video file so that you can get the desired reactions from your viewers. Adding suitable background music to your game video content can help to improve the mood of your viewers and add to the entertainment quotient. Most game video creators also use their audio (commentary) to keep the viewers hooked and entertain them throughout the video. Think of your audio as the missing piece of your video puzzle. You can compensate for any missing elements using the correct audio. One can easily choose a suitable audio file from the YouTube audio library.

6. Keep a project directory

Maintaining a project directory will complement your overall editing efforts and make the process seamless. Keeping a project directory also helps organize your files in order and makes it easier for you to find them while editing your videos. The first step is to create the project folder, and you can name it along the lines of your project. The next step is to add subfolders inside this main folder. Your subfolders can include raw footage, music, audio, graphics, photos, etc. You can arrange the content as per the folder name and relevance. It is also advisable to upload the folder on cloud storage to have access to it whenever you need it.

7. Trim your game video

Your target audience for game video content is looking for entertainment, so you must provide them with entertainment content that excites them to watch more. You should remove the unnecessary fluff that doesn't add value to your target audience. Often, gamers end up recording long videos that are challenging to upload at once and get boring for the viewers. Instead of recording and posting lengthy videos, you can divide them into different sections and then edit them to make different stories. Most video-based platforms easily allow users to upload MP4 files, which they can also share on leading social media platforms. Trimming lengthy videos into small sections can help to keep the viewers hooked and entertained


These are some of the most practical tips you can consider before editing your video content. It will help you deliver the best output and keep your audience entertained throughout!