One of the robust and efficient platforms for flourishing e-commerce in the market is Magento. From small businesses to huge brand tycoons in the market, Magento e-commerce services are harnessed on a wide scale for website development and promotion on a large scale.

If you are also planning to start your e-commerce store, you should be well acquainted with this powerful e-commerce platform that helps digital store owners to manage and sell items for subsequent growth of their online business.

You will be astonished to know,

  • The global e-commerce sales in 2020 of Magento amount to $224 billion.
  • 1.2 % of sites on the internet are powered by Magento.

To narrate in detail, there are several things like themes, plugins, and others that add to the functionality to boost the store performance. One such parameter is Magento extensions that can skyrocket your magneto e-commerce growth and will help you give an edge to your competitors.

To help you learn about which Magento extensions to employ in your e-commerce store, check out the below list we have curated for you. You may avail Magento Maintenance services to integrate these helpful extensions to your eCommerce store. Now, let’s have a look at the those Magento Extensions.

Top 6 Useful Magento Extensions for your eCommerce Store

Order Tracking Pro

A highly useful solution for tracking orders on an e-commerce site is Magento 2 order tracking pro extension that is ideal for store owners, purchasers, and admins as well.

Once the order is delivered, the task of sharing the details of the order on email to the customers is easily managed by this extension.

In this extension, the order tracking link is available directly in the main menu. From the information of the order to that of invoice and shipping, everything is included in this extension. One can check their order information without an account login which is one of the major useful features of this extension.

SEO Extension

SEO for an e-commerce website is as important as it is for any blogging or other kind of website. With SEO extension, the path to improving your ranking becomes a cakewalk.

It helps in detecting any duplicate content, which is not good for a website from per SEO perspective. From automatic cross-links to the development of unique product links, SEO extension does it all for your e-commerce store.

Another highlight of Magento SEO extension is that it automatically creates Meta tag templates and external and internal cross-links which is a big time saver.

Security Extension

Be it a small store or one that is famous all over the world, safety comes first as a business owner to safeguard what you have been working on day and night. With this extension, the sensitive data of the customers like their debit & credit card information, contact details and more, can be protected.

It records all the logins made and tracks them. The OTP generation to confirm login or another account activity is also valid for few seconds. To avoid any unwanted adjustments, file changes can also be easily detected with the help of this extension.

If you, as an e-commerce store owner, want to restrict any logins for specific days or times, you can do the same with the help of the away mode included in this extension.

Single-step Checkout

Every customer looks out for a smooth way of shopping, and that is why they always turn to online shopping rather than visiting a shop located at a stone's throw away distance from their house. Thus, the one-step checkout extension helps in making their journey a cakewalk on your e-commerce store.

The best feature included in the single-step checkout extension is the address suggestion from Google that eliminates the cumbersome task of filling it by the customers.

Another noticeable highlight of this extension is its find me a feature with which the position of the user can be detected under a click which further fills the address in the box automatically.

It has not only helped in reducing the cart abandonment rate on various e-commerce stores but has also hiked the conversion rates.

Multi-vendor Module

This extension converts your store into an entire online marketplace. Various sellers can showcase their products and services on your e-commerce store, thus giving your customer a variety of options to choose from.

Sellers can manage activities like the profile, orders, inventory, products, collection page, and others with the help of this extension. Although, the authority of product attributes and category creation is in the admin's hands.

Thus, the seller can only add the products, and their distribution on each category page of the e-commerce store is done by the admin.

Further, different payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, DHL, FedEx, and others, as well as shipping add-ons, are compatible to use in this extension.

Other features that an e-commerce store benefits from this extension are that SEO-friendly URLs for products and services can be created with it. Easy management of store profile, interactive interface for sellers and customers, single checkout process for all products, and others are noticeable features of this extension.

Layered Navigation

Customers are psychotically lured more to buy a product that include minimum or no hindrance. This is the first rule towards attaining 100 % customer satisfaction. With this extension, the customer can find everything quickly that speed up the buying cycle.

With a bunch of filters to help the customers search for their requirement, it enables to find things quickly on your online store.

The Ajax loading page is also supported by this extension that further improves the website performance. You must be wondering what this feature does? Well, once this feature is applied, you may start applying filters to any product page, the page won’t load again, and the results will be visible instantly as you choose the filters.

It supports an array of filter options, thus streamlining the search of the customer even more. Even thousands and lakhs of products can be scrolled on a single page.

Final Words

The above mentioned Magento extensions will help you boom your e-commerce performance and will fuse a life to all your endeavours. Get started and flourish your business in the market.