2021 is here. While getting into the New Year, let's glance at the foremost influential trends of 2021. presumably, they're going to dominate next year still. Also, with the event of technologies that guarantee practical device memory usage and a faster internet connection, designers will be ready to introduce more advanced solutions to mobile and desktop interface design. Customized animations, multimedia content, voice interfaces are but a number of the more advanced solutions to return – continue reading to find out more.

Top 7 Trends in UI/UX: 2021 Edition

How to design interfaces which will remain stylish and relevant in 2021? Time to seek out. Here are the highest seven trends that your UI design agency must implement in product design this coming year.

AR/VR Design

Augmented reality applications weren't new in 2020. Interior designs, virtual fitting rooms for e-commerce, and software for the research project are already using these technologies for better service. However, there's still space for improvement. As an example, Apple Insider has recently published that Apple will release a replacement pair of AR glasses within the near future. This is often a symbol that AR/VR will be even more popular within the coming decade.

The same goes for computer game (VR) designs. VR is already utilized in the industry. For instance, in 2020, VR glasses were wont to reduce anxiety to cows on Russian farms. However, what must still improve is the software and interface to make an experience that seamlessly immerses people into another world with the assistance of VR technology.

Emotional Design

Artificial intelligence is now ready to analyze not just sets of numbers or texts but also emotions.
Big Data analytics software gives excellent opportunities to deliver customized content to users, which is, of course, very beneficial to businesses. Now the only popular apps out there are Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, and other entertainment-oriented products. They use AI to research what you wish and what other users with similar demographics enjoy. Then, they provide content that you will surely love. As an example, Spotify and other music hostings prepare personalized charts that support your music lists before. An equivalent goes for social networks that customize newsfeeds every second.

In 2021, the customization trend will only become more robust. Hopefully, UI/UX designers will be ready to analyze users' needs and emotions not only in entertainment but also in healthcare, finance, and other socially essential fields.


Microcopy in UI Design has never been so important. With the assistance of text, UI/UX designers and copywriters construct a seamless user journey through the app that feels natural and straightforward to the user. It's crucial to recollect that both Tinder and Airbnb offer little templates of what you'll write to a different user. In 2021, microcopy that "doesn't make users think" will still contribute to the UI/UX app and web design success.

New Ways of Navigation

Smartphone App developers are introducing the removal of the visual edges of the screen. As a result, the corners become more rounded and indistinguishable from the rear panel of the screen. This results in the elimination of the house button, which creates additional challenges for UI/UX designers. In addition, the removal of other controls, like the navigation panel or home button, positively affects the interface.

Apple and Huawei are already getting obviate the buttons, passing everything into a sensor. Transitions are then administered by conditional gestures, like slides or multi-clicks.

Voice Interaction

The voice interface (VUI) enables informal communication between an individual and computers, using speech recognition to know voice commands and questions and, as a rule, converts text to speech to breed the solution. A Voice Command Device (VCD) may be a device that's controlled by the voice interface.

In 2020, 40% of individuals who use an Internet-connected device used a voice assistant a minimum of once a month, and therefore the number has increased by 10% compared to 2020.

Custom Made Graphics

If you employ Google image search or stock photos to embellish your website, stop immediately. Different graphic content helps to represent your brand better. Using other people's content isn't only illegal but also poorly perceived by the viewers.

Designing for Speed

In 2021, an internet connection will become faster, and an outsized share of the worldwide market may start using 5G. for instance, rumour has it that each new iPhone will have 5G. Therefore, a UI/UX designer must prepare designs that take this alteration under consideration.
Since data transfer speed will improve, more sorts of animation and multimedia content are now possible. At an equivalent time, loaders, a component that has always been necessary for any UI/UX, will now become rudimentary. Loaders want to show that the page was loading when the connection was too slow. However, it's seen chiefly negatively and may even repel users from using your app or website. Speed is that the key in 2021.

So once more, the critical trends for 2021:

  • AR/VR design
  • Emotional design
  • Storytelling
  • New ways of navigation
  • Voice interaction
  • Custom made graphics
  • Design for speed

These are the major high-profile UI/UX trends for 2021. Have something to add? Write it within the comments!