Samsung has been frothing at the mouth with all sorts of spicy tech being spewed out. Not just new devices but older ones getting restorations and refreshes left, right and center. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that Samsung is the current King of the Hill as far as a global dominance in the tech industry is concerned. They’ve made their presence known in the mobile, TV and basically any viewing device you could think of.

In this year’s Samsung Unpacked event, the Seoul based tech giant fluttered its wings once again to shed light on what they’ll be working on moving forward. We’d love to share all the good stuff with you. Since the latest tech coming out now demands internet in some capacity, we’d advise setting yourself up with one of the best ones out there. Consider calling up the AT&T customer service phone number, if you haven’t already, and check out all the best deals they have in store to get your gadgets and gizmos optimized with a worthwhile internet experience. Without further ado, let’s get into Samsung’s goodie bag.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The yearly refresh is upon us. Unsurprisingly enough, the S23 was the annual successor to Samsung’s star-studded mobile lineup. While in looks it may look painfully similar to last year’s S22, it has, in fact, quite a few stark differences under the hood. With minuscule form factors compared to the S22, the S23 makes its presence known with a juggernaut of a camera that has 200 megapixels powering it from down under. Samsung was also more generous this year round since they decided to bundle up 256 GB with their flagship rather than the base 128 GB from last year’s model.

Samsung has also chosen to (thankfully) streamline all variants for the S23. At least, body-wise. All three models; the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra now have floating camera notches and are only different in looks because of their screen size. Obviously, Samsung had to add extra meat to the Ultra so they packed a delicious 120 Hz display together with OLED capability and the latest Snapdragon processor to get you drooling. Don’t worry, we are too.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

It seems like adding the word “Ultra” to a device is the cool trend in the tech universe. Kind of likehow Marvel tends to use “quantum” to skip over details and take a shortcut into wooing theiraudience? The Book 3 Ultra is Samsung magnanimous decision to bring forth a laptop that willchallenge the big leagues and supposedly win the competition with rainbows and fireworkshappening in the background. How on earth will they possibly achieve such a goal? Glad you asked.

The Book 3 embellishes its screen with a “Dynamic AMOLED 2x Display” with a NVIDIA RTX 3070GPU inside. We’re talking horsepower here because when you have this baby working overdrive foryou, you’re going to have a PC level system capable of taking on most of everything you throw at it.There’s also a Book 3 Pro and a Book 3 Pro 360 for those of you who don’t want to go the extra mileand pay for the Ultra. Though, take our word, it is very much worth it on paper and initial review.

Enhanced Night Mode

Night Photography or Nightography, as Samsung likes to put it, isn’t going anywhere for better orworse. The company has laid special emphasis on people looking to give their digital footprint aboost in night photography. Thus, putting out a camera that caters to vloggers and influencers is stillof the utmost importance. The S23 lineup ensures its users amazing photo quality by staying true toits beefy cam even in low light. All this ensure that you still get what you bought the phone for in thefirst place.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have better sound, 360-degree audio support, touch controls, a newstem-less design, and better ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). There's also an auto-transparencymode that lets in external audio when you're talking to others, and the Buds 2 Pro are available inthree colors: purple, black, and white.

Additionally, SmartThings Find makes it simple to locate your Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, whether they're in acase or not. Buds can connect to your Samsung TV and phone simultaneously, allowing you toseamlessly switch between them when a call comes in.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a redesigned which makes the phone lighter and strongerthan all previous editions. Changes include fiberglass in the screen’s digitizer, removal of the metalplate that reinforces the glass panel, and a new hinge design.


That’s a wrap on Samsung’s latest & greatest. Remember, many of these devices connect to theinternet and so, are reliant on a sturdy connection. Invest in one and get hooked up with the best ofwhat Samsung has in store for you.