Creating a logo for your brand can be nerve-wracking, you’re probably wondering where to start and how to incorporate your brand’s ethos into an identifiable image. Luckily, there are great tools like a logo maker that help generate designs that use your input to create a memorable symbol that encompasses your brand personality. However, even though a logo maker can do plenty of heavy lifting, you’ll want to make an educated decision to narrow down that emblem that is just right, so here are five fundamentals to make a good logo.

Simplicity Rules

The world’s biggest brands have some of the most simple, and recognizable logos around. Your brand’s logo should probably be synonymous with what it is about, even if you use a logo maker to frame your company’s name. Attention spans are short which means your logo must be quick to remember, this is why it’s important to take the most important elements of your brand and focus them on a simplified package. Think of what you would pack for a weekend trip versus a two-week vacation, this is how you should conceptualize your own label.

Audience Appropriate

The design elements that are used when creating a good logo are derived from the consumer base to look to attract, as well as the type of product it is for. Researching what potential consumers should expect from a company like yours is a good place to start when gathering ideas, what colors speak to the audience you’re trying to engage may end up being answered by the specific demographics you have analyzed already. A younger audience may be attracted to more colorful imagery, while an older, sophisticated group of consumers may be better served with low-key texts and subtle colorways. The font is important as well if you’re using text, sharp, angular, and modern fonts speak to a tech audience while flowy, script-based fonts speak to consumers looking for a luxurious experience in whatever you sell. The emblems that can generate a positive response from their consumer base have gone through many layers of market research.

Easy to Recognize

A great logo is easy to recognize, you see it a few times and that sneaker brand emblem is easy to pick up when watching a sporting event. Being able to make a connection with consumers is what makes a logo memorable, unique emblems that stand out from competitors usually catch people’s eyes as they have provocative visual and textual features. The top logos have elements of their brand’s story woven into them, generating an impact by not following trends and instead using an authentic approach to simply tell consumers what you’re about through an image or words.


Whether it’s on a billboard or a watermark on a social media post, a good logo is one that can be scaled to any size. Scalability doesn’t just lend itself to size, changing your display format from let's say digital to a T-shirt shouldn’t diminish the logo’s presence, instead, it should be able to maintain the same sharp quality you conceptualized in your logo maker tool. Another part of scaling an emblem is how it can be adjusted to fit in the elements of a holiday, community event, or other color schemes that may help a brand drive recognition.

Timeless Design

Perhaps the hardest part of designing a logo is attempting to make it timeless. Simplicity plays a major part in generating a timeless design in a logo maker, by using the most basic elements of your brand’s story and straying away from the latest fads, a logo can last for generations. Brand logos that have gone unchanged for many years are unique in their genre, have limited but pronounced features, and lack clutter. Clean, simple, and purposeful designs will last while those trying to jump on the latest design bandwagon will have issues with longevity.


Logo creation can be difficult as it is often difficult to get it right the first time, or on your own. With a good logo maker, you’re able to use these five elements to create a great logo for your brand that will last in the memories of your clients. Being memorable, scalable, simple, and timeless are all ways to stand out as you tell an authentic story for your brand.