Web development is an integral aspect of today's modern business world. A skilled professional value the trust of its clients and customers and tends to offer the best service with a correct web development programming language. So, if you are experienced and learned web developer, you possibly hold a high degree of expertise in choosing PHP for the purpose of web development rather than another programming language. However, when the selection of correct programming language comes, most developers find it an intricate task.

PHP was built and created by Rasmus Lerdorf and Zend technologies and released in the year 1995. The last steady release was 7.2.5 in 2018. It was written in C and C++ language. PHP filename has expansions like .php, .php3, .php4, .php5, .php7, phps. PHP is also referred to as PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor.

Today, even the armature web developers hold the knowledge that PHP is a better programming utility that carries distinct identities and features from other programming languages.

Benefits of Choosing PHP over other Programming Language

When you are looking for a top-notch web development project, choosing facilitation on a random basis is simply not a rational choice. You must analyse the attributes, features, and capability to propel the project with every trending competitive advantage of the market.

benefits of choosing php

So, let's evaluate the benefits that would compel you to choose PHP over other programming languages:

User-friendly and easy to learn: PHP is being widely used in the market because it is user-friendly and relatively easy to learn. Devoid of giant experience in web development, the user can conventionally use PHP for the required purpose. With simple syntax, easy command, and comparatively fewer barriers for entries, you can use PHP to create a file in a very short period, which has been a major reason for PHP being chosen over other programming languages.

Open source: A major benefit that comes along with PHP is that it can be installed and used free of cost without any external charges. More is the free access to services; more can be the expenses constricted within the budget margin. We have open accessibility for a wide range of PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. Thus, these features facilitate functional web development and make the process budget friendly.

Diverse and versatile: A phenomenal benefit that follows PHP is that it can be used on multiple platforms like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and many more. This vast pool of supportive web browsers for PHP has made it a hot favourite of the developers. Thus, PHP can deploy the task at the wide bandwidth of the system at minimum cost. Therefore, net application development services are widely being chased for modern business solutions at any marketplace.

Fast, simple, and secure:  The most important things that every organization wants their website development to be like are fast, secure, and simplified. PHP utilizes its own internal memory and works fast with the newer version. On top of that, an additional benefit of protection against cyberattacks, malicious breaches, and vulnerabilities is always there with the PHP facilitation. Thus, the .net development company is broadly reckoning on this utility for better website development across the enterprise.

Easy integration: Since PHP can be hosted on a wide range of operating systems, it easily integrates with different platforms like UNIX, Solaris, and Linux. PHP also integrates with other technologies like java, which saves the time, energy, expenses, and resources to re-develop the system. Therefore, PHP developers are in high demand, and their skills are getting hired like anything for the utmost need and functional attainment of modern business.

Tried and tested: Another advantage for which PHP is preferably chosen is that it has been tested in multiple environments. The major bugs that can come across have been fixed, which makes the language compatible and trusted. This significant attainment has made the PHP platform robust, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient.

Brimming with legacy code: When so many websites have already been built using the PHP platform, it is understandable that the facilitation does have an avalanche of legacy code that young developers can use to ease app-building methods. The organizations are widely looking forward to hiring web developers who could work on this legacy code application.

Strong community support: PHP has had a strong community base as a successful web development language for a long time. .net development services are gaining acceleration in the market, and the web development in the platform is showing phenomenal performance. There are innumerable video tutorials and FAQs available for PHP developers that could enable them to ride beyond the boundaries of excellence.

Immensely agile: A PHP web development service is relentlessly flexible. Whether it is working for the current project or after the completion of the project, the agility that the PHP platform brings for the users is absolutely outstanding.

Cost-effective: An open-source web development platform is always comparatively cheaper than the languages that require subscription or license. On top of that, it can effectively work with MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL, making website development prices quite nominal.

PHP vs .Net: What are the Key Differences Between them?

  • PHP has been programmed in C and C++ programming language
  • PHP is itself a programming language
  • PHP has a command over web application development
  • PHP exhibits an easy development and deployment
  • PHP is an open-source programming language
  • PHP does not support like .Net framework
  • PHP application shows outstanding performance
  • .Net was programmed in C, C++ assembly language
  • .Net is a neutral framework
  • .Net framework is used for creating an application for web and desktop
  • .Net brings an easy development
  • .Net is a licensed oriented framework
  • .Net supports a wide range of languages like C#, J#, Vb.net
  • .Net too shows good performance


We are living in a digital era where every business is striving to transform from manual to digital. This paves the path for the growth of the web and mobile application projects. Thus, a web development programming language like PHP that is both budget and user-friendly is being adopted by companies and enterprises.