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235 Do Teen Panch

26 Oct 2021 Game Of The Day

235 Do Teen Panch

by Pistalix

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  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch
  • 235 Do Teen Panch

Multiplayer, 3 player Do Teen Panch or 2 3 5 card game.

"3 2 5" and "2 3 5" are same kind of games, the difference is there are three players instead of four and all play individually. Total 2+3+5=10 tricks are possible, the one with highest led suit wins unless it is trumped or 7 of hearts/spades.

Do Teen Panch is a easy and more enjoyable game. Do Teen Panch is a simple card game mostly played in India.

General Information
• 2-3-5 is a popular card game played with a stripped deck of 30 cards.
• The cards used include all ranks from 8 onwards for all suits along with the 7 of Hearts and the 7 of the Spades.
• It is a trick-taking game where there are a total of 10 possible tricks.
• Trump Selector: At the start of the first game, it is decided randomly who will select the trump. After the first game, players take turns to select the trump (anticlockwise).
• Objective: The players must win the required number of tricks. The player who wins the most number of tricks than required by him/her is adjudged the winner.

Game Play
• One by one each player will get chance to become dealer. The dealer will have to make 2 tricks, the next person who selects trump will have to make 5 tricks and the third person will have to make 3 tricks. First lead is given to the player who selected the trump, later ones are by the one who wins the trick. The 7 of Hearts and 7 of Spades are highest trumps - the order does go 7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, Ace of Trumps, and so on down. At the end of the round if someone makes more tricks than required, the he/she can pick a card for the next round.
• i.e.; Player A needs to make 2 tricks and made 3 tricks.
Player B needs to make 3 tricks and made 3 tricks.
Player C needs to make 5 tricks and made 4 tricks.
Then, Player A will get to pick one card from Player C in next round and will have to give one card in return.

Calculation of Scores
• The score is calculated by subtracting the number of tricks required from the number of tricks won.
• The player with a higher score wins the game.

How to Play:
♠ Choose "Play Now" to get started. Now randomly it will be chosen that who will select trump.
♥ On next round, the alternate chance will be given to select trump. This is the offline mode.
♠ Enjoy playing 2 3 5 card game.
♥ If you want to choose, the number of rounds you want to play, then select "Private Table" mode.
♠ The winner will earn coins.
♥ If you want to choose coins/table limit then choose "Custom Table" mode. You can select limit to play.

- Achievemnets: Shows game stats of game achievements by the player.
- Daily Quest: Daily new quest to make the game more exciting.
- Daily Reward: Get rewards by playing game daily in a row.
- Custom Table: Enables user to select limit of table/coins.
- Private Table: Enables user to select number of rounds to play, along with limit of table/coins.
- Lucky Wheel: Try your luck to win upto 1000 coins. Daily one spin.
- Player Avtar: There are 100+ avatar to choose from for your player id. To choose avtar, click on your profile photo, and then chosse one from the given.
- Themes: 5+ card face to select from, 40+ card shirts/backs to select from, different tables to select from and more than 15 game backgrounds to select from.
- 7s High: Enable/disable, the 7s as high cards.

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