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Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump

08 Mar 2017 Game Of The Day

Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump

by TW ninebirds

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  • Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump
  • Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump
  • Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump
  • Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump
  • Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump

Spoof with no limit, this time our classic series of spoof aimed at Mr. Trump, the big boss. There is a campaign speech, we provide 12 crazy ways to carry out all sorts of damage and spoof and whack, let him embarrassed, and all you need to do is to find them out and enjoy the fun of spoof

We hate the lies of politics and politicians, let us tear off their hypocritical mask and stupid face, revealing behind the ugly and evil. make him a fail man. you need some skill and a bright brain.

We are humorous, we love fun games, "Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump” make  a good blend of these two feelings, we hope that both the game or the spoof of mr Trump  can bring you happiness, make you happy Laugh

The gameplay of "Revenge of Mexico:Spoof Trump”  is very simple,  As a click and point game, you only need to click to show all kinds of hilarious scenes, Only find out the hidden points may spend a little effort and that’s really a brain teaser.

some of the funny and hilarious game play:
Trump's Mexican wall, elephant's revenge, hair into crabs, duel with donkey, godfather spanking …

-  Beautiful graphics, smooth gaming experience
-  A click and point puzzle game about an ailing hero
-  Brain-twisting puzzles
-  Well-designed riddles to make you laugh
-Easy, funny and tricky gameplay

About US:
We are NineBirdsSoft ,  Dedicated to to creating funny and brain burning game. Some other great works:
Revenge Of Lover:Crazy dating

Troll Face Quest

What Kills US:Death Escape

All characters portrayed in this game are entirely fictional – even those based on real people. The game is for satirical purposes only and should not be taken seriously. You should not use this app to create any defamatory or hateful speech, so please keep it clean folks.

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