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4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race

4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race

by World of Web

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  • 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race
  • 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race
  • 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race
  • 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt Race

Drive a big monster truck in this monster truck challenge game. Extreme off-road stunt race games for kids and adults alike. It’s not exactly a racing game but you need to complete an obstacle course with your monster truck. This is a high voltage truck action game, where you need to drive the big monster truck over different obstacles and other cars.

Big Monster Truck Stunt Games is a challenging truck game with lots of exciting off-road trails, variety of obstacles and some awesome. It’s a care vs monster situation. You need to drive the truck carefully to go over all the obstacles. Be careful as you control your monster truck over many different things, including cars, rocks, planks and stunt ramps. Your mission is to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. It’s one of the most intense big monster truck games.
In this motor truck game, you need to ride against the power of extreme slopes. It’s one of the stunt race games for kids and adults to enjoy together. It’s among the girl and boy kid games. Experience colorful graphics and realistic car driving in one of the most thrilling big monster truck games!

- Different intense levels
- Conquer the off-road tracks
- Drive different monster trucks
- 4x4 racing stunt game
- Challenging stunt game with dangerous courses
- Extremely dangerous stunt scenarios, realistic driving sounds and beautiful and colorful graphics
- Control the monster trucks easily with simple controls
- Navigate difficult tracks, and have a blast
- Immersive Gameplay and 4x4 Truck Car Physics

There are many cars to destroy them in our realistic car driving game. Get ready for a rodger dodger experience. There are some awesome trucks for kids and adults alike. Take this dangerous truck challenge.

Extreme racing and stunts for not only boys, but girls! This action truck simulator will make the trip an exciting and unforgettable!

Enjoy this new game as you ride through the extremely challenging obstacle courses. Get your blaze monster machine ready for the ultimate challenge.
Be a part of the big monster truck rally! Race over different obstacles and across beautiful landscapes on your way to the finish line. Get to choose from different super cool monster trucks. Reach the finish line first. Be a part of this extreme 4x4 mania.

Prove that you’re not driving any kids monster truck but a road monster. Take your blaze monster machine for the ultimate ride. Move up, down, under, and through as you travel tracks. Discover new tricks and ways to control your monster trucks.
Big Monster Truck Stunt Games takes you to the next level of stunt riding.

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