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Aces and Kings Solitaire

Aces and Kings Solitaire

by AlgoGames

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  • Aces and Kings Solitaire
  • Aces and Kings Solitaire
  • Aces and Kings Solitaire

Aces and Kings Solitaire is a challenging game of skill which is played with 2 decks of standard 52-cards set.. The aim is to build four foundation piles up from Ace to King and remaining four piles down from King to Ace irrespective of suit to win.

13 cards are dealt each to two reserve piles and one card is dealt to each of four tableau piles. One card is dealt to the waste pile and remaining cards are set aside forming the stock pile. Tableau pile can only have one card which is automatically filled from the stock. Card can be dealt from stock pile to the waste pile one card at a time. No redeal is allowed. Top card of two reserve piles, the waste pile or, any tableau pile can be played to the foundation. Cards are allowed to be moved from one foundation pile to another.

Once all cards are dealt from the stock to the waste and game can still not be finished, you can avail a bonus redeal to try and finish the game.

- Save game state to play later
- Unlimited undo
- Game play statistics

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