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Airport Hostess Air Staff

Airport Hostess Air Staff

by Trillion Games

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Do you want to be air hostess in life? If yes than avail the chance to fulfill your dreams in Airport Hostess Air Staff game. Play the role of virtual air hostess and travel all over the world in this airhostess game. Provide the best services to all the passengers whether ECONOMIC class or VIP class passengers. Show that you are the ever best air flight attendant and help the passengers in this airport game. 

Airport Hostess Air Staff game especially designed for all ages groups who love the air hostess job games and want to become air hostess. Make announcements for the valuable passengers to take the seats and keep in contact with air flight captain. Prepare list of the passenger’s order like, fries, chicken, water, bottles and fast food. Give tips to the passengers what they have to do in critical conditions in this air hostess game. 


Enjoy the Airport Hostess Air Staff game that contains the fascinated and interesting missions for you to play. Be the best air hostess and take the passengers with you towards the airplane door. Make announcements for the passengers to take their seat and tie their seat belts carefully. Talk with the airplane captain to take of the airplane from the airport in the airplane game. Take orders from the passengers and make list of it. Go to the airplane kitchens and find all food that’s orders by the passengers. Serve correct order to passengers otherwise you will lose the virtual air hostess game. Show your brave air hostess skills and get ready for the any challenge, give parachutes to the passengers in emergency situation. Help the passengers to find the washroom. 

Airport Hostess Air Staff Features:

• Play the role of virtual air hostess
• Serve the best quality food to passengers
• Show your polite communication skills to pilot and passengers
• Improve your speaking skills and serving techniques
• Lot of airhostess carrier task

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