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Alien Contact

05 May 2017 Game Of The Day

Alien Contact

by nixonsworld

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  • Alien Contact
  • Alien Contact

* The gameplay can be very addictive to some! You have been warned *

All life in the universe is being threatened. Vicious aliens are invading planets with any form of existing life. But before an invasion, they will randomly abduct a handful of creatures, and put them on a trial to test there skills. If any creature will pass the test, that planet will be saved and count as a worthy planet to exist in this universe.

How to play:
Tap to jump or change direction.
Follow the path and don't fall of.

2 game difficulties, complete the game to unlock hardmode.
3 different and cute player characters.
6 different and wondeful worlds to explore.
Collect crystals to buy sweet character upgrades.
Different and cool starpowers along gameplay.
Leaderboard and cool achievements to complete.

Be sure to get your friends to play this awesome adventure. 

And most of all, good luck. Your planet depends on it!

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