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Arrow Dash

Arrow Dash

by IMSA Studio

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Arrow Dash – Arrow Ambush is the latest and most addictive arcade one touch game on Android, which you can download for FREE. The objective of this arrow game is to move the arrow to the spinning circle and avoid dangerous spikes. You only need to use one tap to move it, but you need to time it right so that the arrow will move through correctly and get to another spinning circle. It’s one of the simplest geometric games to play but it’s quite a challenging endless game. 

* FREE arcade game to play on your Android tablet or phone. 
* Unique and simple arrow game concept that is so addictive. 
* Easy control: use one tap to move the arrow forward.
* Beautiful minimalist design that makes it one of the top geometric games on Android. 
* Challenging obstacles: the circle moves pretty fast and the spikes are also very dangerous.
* Exciting and addictive endless game that you can keep playing until you fail to move through the next spinning wheel. 

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