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Attack Cars! Ragdoll battle

Attack Cars! Ragdoll battle

by creative spartans

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  • Attack Cars! Ragdoll battle
  • Attack Cars! Ragdoll battle
  • Attack Cars! Ragdoll battle

Are you ready for some immersive, satisfying & high-octane action packed physics battle simulation experience? Welcome to our explosive drive to destruction game where you'll be driving a car, collecting bullets and bombs in an oddly satisfying way in each level and battling a boss at the end with totally accurate number of ammunition. Let's get revved up and dive into the game!

As you progress through each level, you'll need to collect as many bullets and bombs as you can to increase your attacking firepower. The more you collect, the stronger you'll become to level up and the easier it will be to take down the enemy ragdoll boss at the end. Each time you defeat a different kind of boss. It can be a huge robot, it can be zombies army it can be a rag doll boss with increasing level, it can be a swallowing hole every time & it can have a 1000 Level that requires 1000s of bullets to be killed. But beware, the bosses & Gods won't go down without a fight. They'll have their own arsenal of weapons and defenses, so you'll need to strategize accurately for the battle and use exact & accurate number of bullets and bombs wisely with tap tap controls. Timing is key, so keep an eye out for openings to unleash your attacks. The clock is ticking, will you succeed to swallow & collect all of the arms down the car before the time is up?

With each level end, the challenge increases, so you'll need to be quick on your feet and have lightning-fast reflexes. But fear not, you can always replay a level to hone your skills and collect more bullets and bombs to beat the boss. Each part of the game play is extremely satisfying and exciting with fast paced action packed intense battle.

Are you up for the challenge? Come play our explosive game and show the bosses who's boss!

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