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Blackseed Apps

Blackseed Apps

by Claude Gherasim

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  • Blackseed Apps

Overmass takes elements of billiards, snooker, 8 ball pool, bowling, bowls, and ball games such as racquetball and squash, fits it all into a mobile phone screen, and the result is a game based on touch pad flick control. Overmass is a stress reliever and a competitive mind challenge!

The player controls a touch pad in the lower part of the screen and flicks it to interact with the color onion - the game object. The color onion releases score objects if the collision is intercepted in the dynamic score zone.

The player can increase the game score by intercepting bonus objects before they are eaten by the overmass keeper. Simultaneously the overmass keeper acts in a offensive role in the overmass round, to reduce your game score by obstructing your touch pad trajectory. Alternate game subsets flow in game time, with the overmass keeper projecting overmass to move the color onion down the game screen, to the point of no return. Pong has evolved...

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