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Blocky High School Adventures

Blocky High School Adventures

by Rubica Julie

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Welcome to the most amazing and thrilling missions Blocky High School Adventures. Each person in this world like his high school hoops days. Enjoy your back to school days when your mom and dad leaves you to your school on the first days. Indulge with the student and make a new ragazza friends. Have a crush your colleagues in high school simulator. If you love the virtual best school girl game then you will surely love to play this virtual Blocky life 3D simulator game. This is especially games for women and children’s who like Blocky Craft games.

Enjoy the most incredible best Blocky High School Adventures with thrilling mission to play with. Unlike all other school life simulator games and play this Blocky high School game in which you will feel actual life of a yonder Blocky girl game. If you really love the school simulator games then why waiting for you just download this game now and play. 

Game play:

Once again we are back with the amazing Blocky High School Adventures game with exciting missions. In the game you play as a Blocky school girl. Start the game you are in house woke up and get ready for the school by virtual dressing. Its time to breakfast. After the breakfast you need to wait for the school bus. After sometime the bus will arrive and take you to your blocky school. In the school you go to your class and sit your seat.

After some time you need to go another class room to get your book. In the break time, you play with your friends and talk to your Blocky High School teacher. You race with your child friends and try to win. In this high school you have find basketball, football, high school story and 3D blocky family girls. During the class room you are bored and try to bunk. If once you bunk the class then you need to save side that any teacher did not see you. If the any teacher see you during the bunk your level is failed.

Now it’s off time. You sit on the school bus and reach in the house. In the house you need to learn your test for next day. If you pass the test next day, your level is complete otherwise you failed the level. In the game you will be enjoy the 3D environment of Blocky house, Blocky High roads and beautiful school.

Key features:

• Play as a school girl in the Blocky High School Adventures
• Go to school on school bus
• Take selfie with friends
• Have fun with your class mates
• Smooth controls and camera angles
• Amazing sound effects and 3D graphics

The Blocky High School Adventures game 2018 is specially designed for the kids and those people who are loves the school girl games and Blocky Adventure games. During the game you remember you school life days and they bring a smile on your face. You play as a school girl and do all activities which a normal students doing in the school. Let’s play the amazing game and enjoy it’s fun.

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