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Counter Strike Sniper Shooting

Counter Strike Sniper Shooting

by Switch Play

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3D , Shooter , War
  • Counter Strike Sniper Shooting
  • Counter Strike Sniper Shooting
  • Counter Strike Sniper Shooting

Download counter strike sniper shooting for free. Sniper shooter has assigned a special mission where you can use latest snipers to fight against enemies. Become the ultimate shooter and a real commando with modern weapons in this fast paced FPS game. Become a sharp shooter and launch a counter strike against deadly enemy. Defeat the opponents and make your force successful. Fight until your last drop of blood and save your country from external powers.

As an army commando, you need to defend city from enemy force and counter strike their attack. Counter Strike Sniper shooting presents awesome visuals and the missions are very entertaining. Player is able to choose from guns like <b>Dessert Eagle, AK-47, SG 550, M4 Carbine, FAMAS, Steyr AUG, Pistol</b> and <b>AWP</b>. 

•    First Person Shooter
•    Variety of latest weapons
•    Three different 3D city environments.
•    Responsive view
•    Camera button and slider for zoom in and out.
•    Selection for auto fire and button control for shooting
•    Realistic shooting sounds
•    Huge collection of armory
•    Option for increase or decrease rotation and movement
•    Realistic enemy characters
•    Available on play store

What are you waiting for? Download Counter Strike Sniper Shooting now and enjoy the fighting thrill. Start aiming and shooting your enemies and have fun at the same time.
Switch Play is developing 2D and 3D android games for free. For more information Visit: Switchsolutions.com.pk or email us at support@switchsolutions.com.pk

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