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Stunt Car Driver 2

Stunt Car Driver 2

by Open World Gaming

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  • Stunt Car Driver 2

Stunt Car Driver 2 is the exciting new sequel to our most popular driving game

Begin the game as a first person view character and make your way to the car showroom. Enter your first stunt car and follow the markers to your first jump.

Progress through 10 levels by completing a stunt jump at the end of the level and smashing your car through a glass billboard to earn cash.

Save up your in game cash to purchase new sports cars from the car showroom. Hidden vehicles are unlocked by completing all 10 stunts.


  • Realistic collision damage to cars.
  • Large open city to explore includes Traffic, Motorway and Pedestrians.
  • Multiple control options inc. Steering Wheel,Tilt Control and Touch Buttons.
  • Enter and drive all cars in the city including passing traffic.
  • Unlimited turbo boost on all cars.

This game was designed for mobile phones and tablets
with a quad core processor if the game runs slow
please try our smaller and faster version -

Stunt Car Driver 2 Fast

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