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Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt

by AlgoGames

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The game is an implementation of Crazy Quilt Solitaire which has a very unique game play. The solitaire game though less popular than Klondike is very engaging because of its game play.

The game is played with two standard decks. 64 cards are initially dealt to the player in a way to make a Quilt-like arrangement. Remaining cards to set aside to form a stock pile. This has 8 foundations; 4 starting with Ace and 4 with King. Foundations starting with Ace are played up by suit and King is played down by suit. The aim is to move all cards from the quilt and stock pile to the foundations. There is one waste pile which can be used to draw one card from stock pile to waste pile. Cards in the quilt can only be drawn if one of its shorter side is exposed and can be played to the foundations (by suit in sequence) or waste pile (one rank higher or lower in same suit).

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