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Dino Sniper Hunt City

Dino Sniper Hunt City

by Zed GameXtudios

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  • Dino Sniper Hunt City
  • Dino Sniper Hunt City
  • Dino Sniper Hunt City
  • Dino Sniper Hunt City

Experience the thrill of being a Real dino shooter in the city. Dino chasing and hunting is genuine excite and a good time for hunting players. Dinosaurs had ruled the land in the ancient safari mountains period thousand years prior. Dinosaurs were huge creation thousand years prior. There were different dinosaurs some of them were dangerous killer. Dino Sniper Hunt City shooting gives a wilderness stop condition to chase, discover and hunt different dino with one of the best attack weapon with him. Run faster as much as you can to chase and hunt different types of dino with assault shooting weapons. The test must be finished inside constrained given time. Survival in this unsafe and amazing condition is difficult, possessed by the dino with each passing level you gave another strong weapon. Chase, hunt and take a gander at the dinosaurs from little to monster, from herbivores to carnivores, in this spectacular reenactment. Execute them in lavish and perilous situations like the savage shores untouched congested wilderness and stop. 

Dino sniper hunt city Super dinosaur shooting contains diverse addictive survival, arcade mode loaded with activity and fun. There is lot of wild dinosaurs you need to chase and hunt them before they hunt you and this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your hunting aptitudes. In the most deadly condition you need to kill particular measure of dinosaurs with in a restricted time. You have to show your chasing and hunting abilities in each level else you will be hunt by deadly dinos. You'll require an effective list of weapons and a specialist shooter technique to kill these dino. Give like a master with automatic weapon and ambush rifle. They are the deadliest animals on earth. They can attack all of a sudden. Keep an eye out for assaulting predators including tyrannosaurus, spinosaurus, carnotaurus, velociraptor, and pteranodon. This remarkable top of the line shooting amusement gives you the awesome chance to investigate and jump into the amazing dinosaur enterprise, has an extraordinary land, loaded with various dinosaur species. Having a selection of weapons munititions stockpile, your odds of survival increment. Encounter your driving abilities by jeep driving and stopping to get by in this activity amusement. 

Dino sniper hunt city Features 

Furious dino out there to chase & hunt 

Shrewd and smooth strike firearm 

Amazing 3D wilderness and city condition 

Smooth and instinctive controls 

Stunning and High Quality 3D Graphics 

Exciting and testing Missions 

Simple and enjoyable to play 

Intriguing Game Play

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