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23 Aug 2017 Game Of The Day


by soham shetty

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Make The Ball DodgeThe Wall !!

Are you looking for a new exciting gaming experience? Something easy yet addictive? Something similar to Dodgeball?

DodgeWall is a new revolutionary endless runner game in the Arcade category. The rolling ball is your object and you have to make the ball dodge the wall by jumping through its hole and not colliding anywhere else with the wall. Hence the name - Dodge Wall !! There also are different interesting environments and obstacles other than dodging the wall which the player will encounter in the course of the game.

Dodgewall is a game which is enjoyable and exciting for all age groups. It keeps the player interested with the number of different levels and tasks a user needs to complete to jump on to next level. This feature gives a different experience of the gameplay every time!

The experience of this exciting new Arcade sensation can be summarized as follows:

->Highly addictive - we bet you can't play it just once!
->Easy gameplay - just swipe and jump and swipe and..
->For all age groups 
->Power ups- that boost your run and increase the thrill
->Collect coins- and buy these power ups as and when needed!
->Non-monotonous- we got different environments waiting for you.
->Level-up- with so many different tasks to complete.
->A complete stress buster!

Does one need more reasons to play a game? What are you waiting for?Start playing DodgeWall and forget all about DodgeBall !!

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