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Dots Allot

Dots Allot

by Codef

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Shot colorful dots allot they on both side

This game screen is simple, two rotation circle in the both of upside and downside
Some radiant balls (like needles) surrounding it
You need to shoot dots to the rotation circle one by one, but must not touch others. 

Easy to play
-Just tap the screen and shoot the dots to the speeding circle
-Make every dots pin in the circle to win the game
-Pay attention to center circle countdown will help your allot

Hard to master
-There are two centers with dots
-You need balance two side
-If little dots touch each other then game over

Minimalist design
-Minimalist style, clean and clear
-Fresh color, will not be tired even after long time watched
-Endless game modeļ¼Œsuper time killer

Download Dots Allot for free now!Enjoy this excellent game!

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