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Double Snake

Double Snake

by Duyen Le

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You’ve loved the Legendary SNAKE game ? Hence you’d love DOUBLE SNAKE !

Discover more than the Orignal version of SNAKE,  a very unseen release full of newness.
Ignite in the near future , discover Snake robots at the edge of technology: Use your lasers, bombs and shields to survive in a hostile hostile world. Surprising, stimulating, and winding : 

Get ready for the challenge - Only on iOS 

Features :
Dynamic and intuitive visuals with futuristic graphics

A player mode for the nostalgic ones / A player mode for the new generations

A single player mode offering over 20 levels which will test your courage and your methal ou your mental si tu veux dire mental 

Get your moves by swipe to increase your fighting skills.

Missions will transform your Double Snake adventures in something unique

Taming more than 10 Snake robots with very different features, do evolve their capabilities and become their battle commander. 

Win new Snake Robots to develop your troops and increase the level of your weapons.  

Double Snake is also a strategic adventure ; you will need to take tactical decisions in split second and to protect yourself at the slightest alarm.  

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