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Drop It - Drop the ball

Drop It - Drop the ball

by Lian Reviews

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  • Drop It - Drop the ball

Drop it is a addictive tap game where you need to drop the ball in the cups that passes by. The cups will move faster when you get more points. The speed will change at 10, 30, 50, 70, 90 and so on, until you reach the max speed at 190 points. You would need to change the way you are dropping the balls when the speed of the cup changes.

You got 3 chances to hit the cups that goes by, if you fail to hit a cup 3 times and the ball goes outside the cup, the game will end and you need to start over. You got an unlimited number of cups and balls, but only 3 chances to get the ball in the cup.

The game got a simple and clean UI, that makes it easy to understand. A game for the whole family, and compare their high scores. The machine got the name Ball Drop 2000, and is a 2D game with 3D design. Endless game, that gives you the choice to play as much as you want. Share the game with your friends and compare your high scores.

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