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Endless Water Run

Endless Water Run

by tappyinfo zone

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Endless water run - running game is based on fun endless escape journey on the water. Forget fear, jump roll and break you fear for endless escape game. Endless water run is best action adventure game with awesome characters, environments to get into the amazing world.
Run, jump, roll, climb, and do not stop when you get objects against you. Forget fear and escape from death. Escape from moving objects, do not forget to use roll and jump actions. Run and run, do not stop.
Escape water run – running games is free game on play store. You can enjoy game free. Water run is one of the best running games on play store. Complete all levels to get more fun and challenging levels further. Endless water run is free fun game to play. Get the fantastic running game, get into the world of new running game.

♦ Simple smooth joystick controls to move your character.
♦ Jump, roll, climb controls.
♦ Earn free rewards by claiming 2X bonus after each level.
♦ Upgrade your Characters for more fun in game play.

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Endless Water Run Running Game features:
• 10+ different characters.
• 10+ Unique and challenging levels.
• Smooth Joystick controls.
• Real 3D environments and water.
• Simple game controls.
• Free gifts inside.
• More options to earn free rewards.
• Achievements and leader-board to submit your high scores and compete with friends.
Download the game free endless water run – running game on play store.

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