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Fatal Collapse

Fatal Collapse

by AmaGame

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Outwit and out-battle your foes in the most dangerous, mortal fatal fighting. Collapse matching gemstones to improve your luck in performing your special attacks. Choose from eight heroes each with unique special abilities. Only the the strongest the luckiest will survive this fatal tournament!

It's a game combined both collapse and strategy, so the fighters winning comes not only by your wisdom, but also by lucky. Collapse matching gemstones smartly to improve your skills lucky mostly, then choose different skills you get to attack your foes .And also, you can choose different difficult foes (easy , normal, and hard) to challenge.

There are eight heroes for you to choose , each hero has their own abilities, so choose heroes to fight you will have different fighting experience. But at the beginning of the game, you just have the first hero, the seven others are locked, and you need to win battles to unlock them one by one. Collecting heroes is a funny progress.

- Collapse matching gemstones to improve skills lucky 
- Release skills to attack your foes by stategy
- Collecting different heroes, each hero has their own abilities
- Different difficults to challenge
- Developers are keeping upgrade this game

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