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Fit or Die

05 Oct 2016 Game Of The Day

Fit or Die

by Abyssal studio

  • Fit or Die
  • Fit or Die
  • Fit or Die

Come and test our new ultra addicting mobile game Fit or die from Abyssal Studio!

You want a game for relaxing you, having a funny time, amusing your kids and children or playing with your friends? Fit or die is definitively yours for free!
Kids, parents, boys and girls, this game is made for everyone!

What's it about ? It's simple ! Fit the shapes in the right hole ! Easy no ? But not so fast ! A new hole appear every 5 correctly fit shapes, for a total of 9 holes ! Come and challenge your friends to know who will do the best score ! So, who between you and your friends will be the best of all !

This mobile game have already pleased a lot of players who have gived it 5 stars, why don't try it by yourself ?

How many time will you survive ? Will you beat the best score and become the first ?

This game doesn't need wifi or internet connection

★ ★ Challenge your friends ! ★ ★
★ ★ Share your score on the social network ! ★ ★
★ ★ Compare your score with the players of the entire world ! ★ ★
★ ★ So much fun to come ! ★ ★

This android mobile game is made for you whoever you are! You can play with your mobile or your tablet, at every time of the day (and the night) and  every where in the world without having internet connection or whatever!

See you soon in Fit or Die !!!

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