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Fixie Quest: hidden objects

24 Oct 2016 Game Of The Day

Fixie Quest: hidden objects

by DevGame Studio

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  • Fixie Quest: hidden objects
  • Fixie Quest: hidden objects
  • Fixie Quest: hidden objects
  • Fixie Quest: hidden objects
  • Fixie Quest: hidden objects

Find hidden objects, solve riddles for kids and make a real investigation in this room escape games with brain training!
You found a very exciting quest game with puzzle games for kids from «Fixies the Masters» producers!
Complete missions from Grandpus and explore every room in Tom Thomas house like in detective games!
Think hard over the puzzle games, fix attentively and make an investigation to succeed in object finding games.

There are two types of gameplay: find hidden objects and complete puzzle quest games. 
In the «quest» mode you will get missions and brain training games from Grandpus. To succeed you will need to complete a chain of actions like find hidden objects, put them into right places, think logically like in detective games to make things work, find codes and other.
There is so much new for kids to learn about the world around! Play thoughtfully and you will be able to tell how a metal detector works and where to use a screwdriver!

Game features:
1. Three room escape puzzle games
2. Educational games for kids
3. Funny education process
4. Three find objects games free
5. Riddle games free

Education is very important for kids! That's why we make not only interesting but also educational games for kids. The game has difficulty levels so even the little ones can play with Grandpus by their side having tips for them. 

In this puzzle quest game you will explore all the corners of the house, feed the fish and fix the remote control. The game will be interesting for those who love riddles for kids and room escape games. 

If you are looking for object finding games or riddle games free than you should try our room escape puzzle games - the app is suitable for kids of all ages!

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