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Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival

11 Dec 2023 Game Of The Day

Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival

by sara taylor

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  • Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival
  • Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival
  • Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival
  • Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival
  • Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival

Escape with your gorilla friends from the most dangerous jails of all times!

Are you ready to explore the grand city jail and execute your escaping plan with the help of your prison surviving tactics while playing Gorilla Escape City Jail Survival game! Some Police officer catches you and your friend from the jungle with the help of their gorilla catching strategy. Missions are simple but interesting gameplay and it’s your duty to save your mate, friends from a prison guard.

Gorilla prison break is specially designed for all jailbreak game lovers and gorilla RPG game fans. Use your surviving skills and break the prison cage. Beat the security guards and unlock your friends with the help of master key which you got from a security officer. Use security baton to face the police officer and move like a shadow in the grand city prison. 

Key Features:

• Fantastic gameplay and the prison jail escape environment
• Beat Officers with mechanical tools and different combos!
• Free to move, explore with smooth controls
• Enjoy two environments like Grand City Jail & Dark Jungle
• Be an Angry Gorilla and save your friends from jail

Defeat the policemen guarding the prison’s area, find your way to your friend and break him out from that prison. Escape from the jail and move to your homeland with your friends while playing gorilla escape city: Ape prison break survival simulator. 

Stop the police transport truck and defeat the guards to unlock your friends from the truck cage. Move toward the jungle and become best Ape escape survivor in all world surviving games. Gorilla jail escape is an entertaining game with exciting levels and you have to complete starting levels to unlock new surviving missions.

Some jail security guards follow you and enter in the dark jungle which is your home. Try to catch your apes’ family member and bring them back to central jail but it’s time to save your family from these police officers with the help of your gorilla surviving techniques.

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