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Hunt Till Dawn

Hunt Till Dawn

by Anqa Game

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Hunt Till Dawn is a fast paced action platformer set in a world of darkness and horror...

• Artistic silhouette graphics
• Amazing sound effects and music
• 63 challenging and thrilling levels
• Keyboard and controller* support
• No in-app purchases
• No internet requirement

You are a Hunter wandering through the realm of the death, where you have to encounter epic bosses and countless enemies such as basilisk, bat, crocodile, crow, cyclops, death worm, dragon, dwarf, entelodont, fairy, Frankenstein, gargoyle, ghost, giant spider, goblin, Great Reaper, little girl ghost, monster plant, mummy, piranha, Pumpkin Jack, Sasquatch, scarecrow, scorpion, snake, swamp monster, werewolf, witch, zombie and 7-headed dragon.

How to play? Find secret paths and try different strategies to master each level. Use your shotgun or even blow up barrels to kill your enemies. Each enemy has its own and unique AI, which is very exciting and fun to deal with. You have to figure out how to destroy your opponents by killing or tricking them. And sometimes, you must just run away!

7 beautiful maps: Black Forest, City of Death, Swamp of the Damned, Sacred Ruins, The Abyss, Gates of Hell and Castle in the Sky.

Minimum System Requirements 
Processor: Dual-core 1.3 GHz
Memory: 1 GB

*Tested with Xbox One and PS4 controllers

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