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Nerdy Boy's First Love Story

11 Oct 2022 Game Of The Day

Nerdy Boy's First Love Story

by GameiMake

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  • Nerdy Boy's First Love Story
  • Nerdy Boy's First Love Story
  • Nerdy Boy's First Love Story
  • Nerdy Boy's First Love Story
  • Nerdy Boy's First Love Story

Nerdy Boy's First Love Crush Story is a game about a nerdy boy, Kevin. Kevin has a crush on a girl named Carol. But Carol don't like him and ignores him because Kevin looks so unfashionable. Kevin asked his friend for some solution. That solution takes him to his crush. Play this love crush story game and experience a surprising love story of a nerdy boy. 

Classroom View:
Kevin is a topper of the class. He has a secret crush on a girl and her name is Carol. But Kevin's style and fashion are so old fashioned. So Carol and her friends used to tease him and laugh at him.

Coffee with Friend View:
Kevin was a little depressed with the teasing, by her crush especially. So he decided to meet his friend Robin and talk with him about the solution. Let's see how the Robin gives the solution to Kevin in this love affair game.

Salon & Dress Up game for boy:
A complete makeover is must change thegeeky look of Kevin. Give a shape to his beard, remove spectacles and make stylish hairstyle. Then have a refreshing bath to have a fresh look.

Impress View:
Kevin has a complete makeover and he is looking so stylish and fashionable. Now He wants to show his new look to Carol and to impress her. Give Kevin some help to play basketball in front of Carol. Kevin likes to help and Carol should watch this.

Talking View:
Carol finds Kevin a really good guy. Now It's time for their first meeting. Robin arranges to make their introduction to each other. Robin has instructed Kevin to be confident nothing else.

Chatting View:
Introduction to each other goes really well that they exchanged the number and also planned for some adventure. It's interesting in college love affair game.

Funfair View:
Chatting between them went so well that they praised each other and also planned to go for the funfair. There will be a boat ride, archery game, gun shooting, balloon blast and many more. You need to perform well in every task to impress her in this love affair game.

Theater View:
Kevin to ask her for a movie and his proposal for the movie is accepted. Movie Planning is on. Don't forget to buy popcorns & juice and more important the tickets.

Calling View:
After an amazing time with each other in movie night, Carol went home and called Kevin to have some talk. Carol and Kevin are talking on the phone and Carol has something special to tell Kevin. 

Shopping Game:
Finally, Kevin asks for a date by the Carol. Kevin is so happy with this proposal. He wants to buy a bouquet and a dress for her, but he's confused, help him out to select the beautiful bouquet and a pretty dress. And Carol wants to customize a ring for Kevin.

Dinner View:
Carol wants everything perfect for this date. Because she has proposed Kevin. So Carol needs to take care of the venue and table decoration. 

Tent View:
Carol has planned this date long and romantic because now she is in love with Kevin. So she has planned to go out after dinner and spent a whole night at some beautiful place. But for a night out, they need a tent so help the Carol to set up the tent.

Bone Fire View:
As the time is passing the date is getting so romantic. Kevin and Carol decided to sit outside on a beautiful night with a bone fire. Help them to gather some wood stick and to have a bone fire. Love is in the air now.

Propose View:
Carol proposed Kevin for the marriage with a beautiful ring. Kevin is in a surprise and Carol is expecting Kevin to say yes. Kevin said yes and both are in full of joy. They captured this beautiful moment for a lifetime by taking the selfie. It's too much fun nerdy boy love story game.

Prom Night Dance View:
So Kevin and Carol are in a happy relationship. They look beautiful as a couple. Prom Night arrived. All the couple needs to dance on the floor. They go on a dance floor and spread the magic of love.

Play this excellent first love crush story game and experience the love in the air. So what are you waiting for? Play this amazing love crush game and learn the lessons to impress.

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