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Perfect Rivals

Perfect Rivals

by Voidiumz

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Perfect Rivals is a wall jumping/switching game where you need to make your way out of a serie of obstacles (Rivals) which are hidden among others "false" obstacles based on the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" methode.

You get to chose from three differents shapes to play with at the start of each level and each of them will give you a different gameplay experience based on which are the real "rivals" and wich are not.

Circle, Square and Triangle, with:
-Circle lose to Square.
-Square lose to Triangle.
-Triangle lose to Circle.

The more you dive into the levels the more complicated it becomes, for that reason the game rely on a minimalistic design and offer no sound to help your brain focus and memorize (based on scientific facts)

The game offers "balanced" challanges for the casual players, as well as some more hard ones for the hardcore gamers, it all depends on wich shape is chosen, and who knows there might be some litle pieces of a treasure waiting for you to discover.

Perfect Rivals is a Free game that will make you think differently.

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