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Persian Rug Solitaire

Persian Rug Solitaire

by AlgoGames

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  • Persian Rug Solitaire
  • Persian Rug Solitaire
  • Persian Rug Solitaire
  • Persian Rug Solitaire

Persian Rug Solitaire is a variant of Crazy Quilt Solitaire played using 2 sets of standard 52-cards deck. The aim is to build four suits up from Ace to King and another four suits down from King to Ace. The name of this game is derived from the setup of tableau cards which resembles a carpet or a rug.

The difference between Persian Rug and Crazy Quilt is that in stead of a waste pile, Persian Rug has 8 reserve piles and after dealing cards to the quilt, remaining cards are equally dealt to the reserve piles.

At the beginning 4 Aces and 4 Kings of different suits are dealt to eight foundation piles which act as base cards for the foundation piles. 64 cards are dealt face-up to a quilt like setup. Remaining cards are distributed equally to 8 reserve piles (4 cards to each pile).

Cards from the quilt can be played to the reserve or foundation if at least one of its short side is exposed. Reserve can be built up or down by suit. Card from one reserve pile can be played to another reserve. Empty reserve pile can be filled with any card. Card from one stack pile is allowed to be moved to another stack pile (except the base card).

- Save game state to play later
- Unlimited undo
- Game play statistics

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