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Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game

28 Sep 2020 Game Of The Day

Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game

by Cads Soft Stdio

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  • Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game
  • Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game
  • Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game
  • Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game
  • Planet Warfare - Space Shooter Arcade Game

Planet Warfare is a single-player arcade space shooter game (also known as shoot'em up/SHMUP/bullet hell/galaxy shooters/space shooters/). It is a modern takes the classic arcade space shooter game like Galaxia and galaxian. In this single-player space shooting game, you will earn the coins to upgrade your spaceships to bring it to the full lethal capacity, that's how you (protector of planets) can fight with an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous waves, as the game progresses. Choose and upgrade your space ship and battle with the intergalactic enemies. Annihilate the enemies using lethal weapons like Laser and EMP (Electromagnetic pulse). Dodge wicked enemies through the unique game mechanic of Warp Jumpspan> by double-clicking on the screen to make the plane travel in space.

Aliens and their evil bosses are attacking but we have you, for our last hope! Skilled Protector is very important, which protects your spacecraft, our planet, and burn the space enemies till the very last of them falls to conquer plan safe the planets!

☆ Simple one-handed touch control to move the plane, dodge, and kill all enemies.
☆ Collect coins to upgrade your Spaceships to stronger warships to fight against strong and more intimidating alien enemies
☆ Use a variety of extreme weapons like Laser and EMP bombs to defeat aggressive attacks from the enemies
☆ Use a very unique feature of Warp Jumpspan> by double-clicking on a screen location to travel through space and jump from one location to another to avoid aggressive attacks.
☆ Pick up various power-ups, shield, multi-fire upgrades, EMP Bomb, Laser, Health item for free to finish challenging levels

☆ Unique Warp Jumpspan> feature to travel in space to escape from aggressive enemy attacks
☆ Multiple extreme boss battles.
☆ Get Free Daily Reward (Gold Coins)
☆ Earn coins to buy and upgrade your spaceships for perfect Perfect Shoot ‘em up experience
☆ 40+ engaging levels, playable at your expertise level, accessible to casual gamers (easy/medium/hard)
☆ Lots of unique bosses and enemies.
☆ EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) bomb to destroy all enemies in one trigger
☆ Laser to destroy the enemies in one shot
☆ Bullet upgrade to acquire multiple fires to destroy the aliens quicker
☆ Track Rocket (missile)
☆ Play offline
☆ Stunning graphics
☆ Cool Sound Effects
☆ High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.

★ Spacecraft upgrades:
☆ Health
☆ Fires
☆ Shield
☆ Bullet upgrade
☆ Track Rocket (missile)
☆ EMP Bomb (Electromagnetic Pulse)
☆ Laser

Download it Now! Enjoy playing this game anytime, anywhere you like. With the attractive, fun gameplay, this game will help you have exciting free time.

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