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Police Hot Chase Car Simulator

Police Hot Chase Car Simulator

by vstudiogamingproductions

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3D , Amazing , Car
  • Police Hot Chase Car Simulator
  • Police Hot Chase Car Simulator
  • Police Hot Chase Car Simulator
  • Police Hot Chase Car Simulator
  • Police Hot Chase Car Simulator

Welcome to the most amazing gameplay ever created in the Virtual games and Car chase games of the year in the next generation Virtual Car chase game Police Hot Chase Car Simulator. Feel free to wonder around the city to experience the most beautiful vice city you have ever seen in the era. Play as a police officer in the office responsible for the peace in the city as well as the police car driver who is responsible for the street & road peace.

Police Chase is the best way to experience the thrill in the life of the Police Officer. You need to experience the most amazing car chase cases in the history of Police Chasing the thugs. You need to pursue the gangsters running the crime scene, thugs running from the police or even need to protect a VIP traveling through your city. Experience the most Realistic Car Controls ever.

Game Play:

Hot Car chase? The only game you can find on the store is the Police Hot Chase Car Simulator that will lead you in to the most amazing game play of the year. You will need to chase the thugs breaking the peace in your city and get them to the justice. Even some time they will not stop at your signal in that case you will need to use force. Make them stop by destroying there mean of transport.

Some times in the Police Hot Chase Car Simulator you will need to help people of your city that are in trouble. You will need to find then with the help of GPS in your car that will lead you to the Civilian. After reaching there you should be ready for any situation because all the details can’t be confirmed on call. Once you reach there you will need to call the 911 or the Emergency Services.

In this amazing Police Hot Chase Car Simulator you may also need to escort and provide Security to the VIP person travelling through your city to avoid any kind of disturbance. The VIP cares are tagged with a GPS tracer and you can easily find the car if you lost it. But don’t leave it for too long other vise you will fail the mission.

Key features:

• Brand new Realistic Car Controls.
• New Physics of Player controls along with the mind blowing animation.
• Beautiful Cinematic Scenes.
• Allot of new Police cars you have never seen before.
• HD graphics with surround sound effects.

Police Hot Chase Car Simulator is the most advance game of the year 2018 with the brand new realistic Car Controls. You will feel the difference of Player Control Physics when you will play this game. And this experience will never stop. Thanks to all of you for playing all our other games!!!!! We appreciate your feedback.

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