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Potty Racer 2

06 Aug 2019 Game Of The Day

Potty Racer 2

by AmaGame

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This frustrated stickman is sick of having to wait around for the racing season! That's why he's taken the potty racer from his backyard and launch it off into sky and learn how to fly! The redneck stickman begin to learn how to fly in his potty racers in a such funny way. 

Your potty racer goal is simple:learn it to fly as far, and high as possible. Launch the potty racer, when it in the sky, control and balance it to fly. Flying rewards you with gold to spend on potty upgrades, upgrade your ramp, speed, and boosts,learn to next fly.

The potty of the redneck stickman also keeps upgrading in each level. At first , it’s like a shopping cart, the shopping cart keeps upgrading to an advanced airplane.In the later levels, the redneck stick just like a shopping cart of hero. 

-------------------------------- FEATURES ----------------------------------

- Fantasy space adventure, you will see the redneck stickman learn to air fly.

- dozens of potty airplane models and skills , and could be upgraded

- Start from the potty shopping cart, be hero in the end.

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