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Pyramid Mystery 2

21 Jan 2021 Game Of The Day

Pyramid Mystery 2

by David Alamar

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Pyramid Mystery 2 is a PAIR MATCHING GAME with lots of challenging levels specially designed for people that like free matching puzzle games.

Two tiles can be removed if they can be connected by one, two or three lines which pass only through empty spaces. The stage is over if future moves are not possible because some pieces obstruct the rest and any tile are left on the board. If you successfully remove all the tiles you'll go to the next stage, as Shisen Sho games.


Lots of challenging and exclusive levels
No time limit
Easy to play
Auto save built-in if you left the game
Train your brain, memory and concentration
You can see every board solution if you don't solve a level
Classic "onet connect" mechanics
Awesome music and effects


REMOVE ALL TILES and relax yourself thinking the best movement, the order removing the tiles is very important as this match puzzle game.
Link two identical images and pair them with up to 3 lines, and remember, the lines can pass only throught empty spaces. Be carefull because there are some blocks as rocks that will block the path.

This ONNET CONNECT style game has 300 different levels and it will give you hours of entertaintment. This brain training free puzzle matching game can improve short term memory and concentration.

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