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Secret Island Hidden Quest

06 Feb 2021 Game Of The Day

Secret Island Hidden Quest

by Zero Gravity Games

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  • Secret Island Hidden Quest
  • Secret Island Hidden Quest
  • Secret Island Hidden Quest
  • Secret Island Hidden Quest
  • Secret Island Hidden Quest

Zero Gravity games present another wonderful game with amazing graphics of HIDDEN OBJECT Puzzles with exotic islands explore the whole new hand-drawn island. 

Stunning hand-drawn scenes. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles across beautiful locations that draw you right into the heart of the mystery! This is the best seek and find hidden object game for adults that will take you to the unknown world of full of exotic islands to explore. One of the best island survival games for adults you can play! Steal the treasure of mystery island and escape from the hidden town!

Our unique hidden objects islands offer you a chance to find a hidden object and enjoy wonders of the secret island! “Secret Island The Hidden Quest” is a free mystery game designed with the aim to take you to the hand-drawn mystery worlds where you can “look for hidden objects” with ease and entertainment! For all lovers of sketch and hand-drawn graphics start your journey. This is a perfect object finding game will take you to the island full of hand-drawn objects. Unfortunately, this treasure hunting game will become an island survival game very soon. You have to escape from the Airport, City, Messy room full of enchanted hidden objects. Check out why the adventure hidden object games are so popular, and start the island quest!


Search for various itemsπŸ”:
Explore Airport, City, Messy room Island and many other locations from the secret island.


πŸ” 20 hand-drawn areas
πŸ” Unique Hand-drawn graphics.
πŸ” 20 Exotic islands to explore.
πŸ” Cannot spot & find a hidden object? Use some hints to detect it 
πŸ” Move the picture when it is zoomed to find the hidden object!
πŸ” Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!

Ideal for:

🌟 Sketch Lovers
🌟 Adventurous journey Lovers
🌟 People that don't want to learn complicated rules
🌟 Puzzle game fans
🌟 Parents and kids
🌟 People that like hand drawn stuff
🌟 People looking to kill time
🌟 Picture Book fans
🌟 People that want to play picture book like games
🌟 Hidden objects game fans
🌟 People that like simple games

Secret Island-The Hidden Quest – Explore the exotic island and search hidden objects!
We are waiting for a true player to pass all the levels with ease and great speed! You're surely a fan of mystery games, free puzzle games, and hidden games, so here is a special collection of “find the hidden objects free” mystery games! The question is how can you find the hidden objects? “Secret Island” adventure is waiting for a true puzzle solver like you! “Search and find hidden objects” in the best free mystery app! Hidden object free games especially for all fans of sketch, mystery, magic, and enchanted places! Download it now and enjoy playing “hidden object games” all the time!

Search and find hidden objects you need in order to go to the next level and continue the expedition. This concentration increasing app is a great kind of a brain game for you. Play the most popular object searching game now! Have Fun!

Start Your Journey with this amazing new searching gameπŸ”.
Download this for free! Enjoy this hand-drawn islands. Have a nice day!
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