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Shark Destroyer

01 Oct 2020 Game Of The Day

Shark Destroyer

by Troll boat

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  • Shark Destroyer

A Free Shark Game! 

As a shark, swimming near the beach, scaring human beings,  eating all kinds of animals, even people. What’s more exciting, shark dive into water and jump out suddenly, makes explosions, and jump to the sky to bring down airliners to the water. 

There are many kinds of sharks in the sea, such as mako shark, basking shark, white shark , and so on. In this Shark destroyer game, this shark is from Miami.  The shark comes out suddenly in Miami beach,  frighten everything around, and you control the shark begin to destroy everything around, eat the animals, human beings, makes explosions, and dive into water and jump out to drag down the airlines into the water. More destroy the shark make, more score you will win.  And compare all top players destroy score in the rank.

Shark destroyer, you can play this game again and again, a bit like io game of shark, or simulator shark games. Each time you play you will get exciting experience.

------------------------- FEATURES -------------------

- Exciting game play,  control shark to  make explosions,and bring down airliners

- Very simple control, easy to learn. But makes a lot of fun.

- Very creative free shark game, you’ve never play on mobile before

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