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Snowmobile Jungle Survival

Snowmobile Jungle Survival

by Thomas Brad

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Play , 3D , Unity
  • Snowmobile Jungle Survival
  • Snowmobile Jungle Survival
  • Snowmobile Jungle Survival
  • Snowmobile Jungle Survival
  • Snowmobile Jungle Survival

Snowmobile Jungle Survival is story based game of a real survival hero who lost in the North Pole area after the crash of his helicopter.

Play the role of survival hero and stay alive in dangerous conditions. There is no food, no water and you are surrounded by the wild animals of the North Pole. Search the survival things, explore the huge snow covered jungle. Find the old jungle house, drink water to save your life from the dehydration. Go outside of the destroyed house to find wood pieces and drop into wood burn stove. Set the fire to warm yourself. 

You can’t stay for long in old house because wild animals can come at any time. Go and find the garage, there might be a vehicle to leave this cursed jungle. Beware from the wild animals do not came into red zone area, otherwise wild animals will chase you until they catch you. There is an old snowmobile but with no key and petrol. It is the only way that will help you to leave this wild area. So find the key and petrol to start your snowmobile. 

Drive the snowmobile and follow the racing path, beware from colliding with hurdles as well as red zone area. Don’t let your snowmobile speed down otherwise you will be in the caught by dangerous animals and you will lose the game. 

Find the Axe and flare gun from the debris of your helicopter. Use flare gun so that your friends will find your location. But beware from the snow tiger and fox they are searching for you. Use your axe to battle with the beast animals. Wait for jungle rescue helicopter, who is searching for you in huge North Pole jungle area. 

Snowmobile Jungle Game Key Features:

• Play as Survival Girl and Boy Hero
• Explore the huge North Pole wild area
• Find the craft survival things 
• Drive snowmobile & combat with wild animals
• Awesome clothes to unlock

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