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Solitaire Dice

03 May 2023 Game Of The Day

Solitaire Dice

by AlgoTech

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  • Solitaire Dice
  • Solitaire Dice
  • Solitaire Dice

Solitaire Dice is a single player dice game which can be played using 5 dice. A player is required to roll 5 dice and group 4 of them into 2 pairs. Player can then mark sum of each pair on the scorecard containing dice sum from 2 through 12.

Remaining one die is the throwaway dice which is marked separately. The player can choose up to 3 throwaway dice in the game. The game ends as soon as one throwaway die is marked 8 times.

Scoring is done in a very specific way. First 4 marks of each sum is scored as -200, 5th mark is scored as 0. Positive points can be scored only from the 6th mark onward. Marks after 10 are not added to the score.

The aim is to score maximum before the game is ends.

This game is integrated with Play Store Leaderboard and Achievements. Score high and join the Leaderboard. Unlock achievements.

It has beautifully designed clean interface, allows for saving of game state to play later. Local mobile cache is used for storing overall game play stats such as best score, lowest score, average score.

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