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Stickman escape school

01 Sep 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman escape school

by Starodymov

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  • Stickman escape school
  • Stickman escape school
  • Stickman escape school

You have to play stick a pupil who does not like to go to school. Student stikman so much tired to learn and listen to boring instructors from the stereotypical thinking that the student decides to escape. While the teacher left the class student teacher decided to see a box and terrified. In the box were a lot of different items. The student not long thinking decided to take advantage of these tools to escape from the school. You need to find the right tools for the implementation of the school escape. If you select the wrong tool, you will be caught and forced to learn the rest of your days. What could be more terrible in school life? We must deal with this school system! You can not brainwash students to slave thinking! So where were we? Oh yes you need to find the right tools and leave the gloomy school. Beautiful animation, graphics and story with a sense of humor lift your mood, and you will no longer feel like a slave for a time being. In this game you can play anytime and anywhere. Enjoy an escape from the school institution. The game is free.

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