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Stickman jailbreak 6

21 Nov 2017 Game Of The Day

Stickman jailbreak 6

by Николай Сильный

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  • Stickman jailbreak 6
  • Stickman jailbreak 6
  • Stickman jailbreak 6

Escape the prison new series!

You are welcomed by the new escape adventures from prison! Your task is to play for Stickman and find all the ways to successfully escape from prison. 10 different items to choose from are hidden in a secret place. Some items will lead you to victory, but many other items will lead you to destruction. Interesting animation and jokes will please your attention. Check all items and enjoy different situations on the zone. This is not a camp or a sieve for you, here everything is real, freedom or death, you choose! Police and guards will do everything possible so that you can not escape from this gray, cold cell. In prison, not sweet, because there is still the 19th century, no civilization, many Stickman crazy. You are waiting for weapons and technical devices to make an escape. Behind the bars you can spin a spinner, use a smartphone, drill a drill and much more! Stick waiting for freedom!
The game is free.

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