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Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle

Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle

by Rubica Julie

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  • Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle
  • Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle
  • Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle
  • Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle

Welcome to the new summer adventure game of 2018 which is specially bring for all the kids who do a lot of adventures in their summer vacation and also hunting new excitements for them. This kids puzzle really fulfill the requirement and fun that kids want. This game has many features that attract the summer adventurer need to do in vacations and never stop them to do these kind of things. Actually Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle provide the refreshment of their needs to make them pleasure.

This kids adventure game contains many things that a kid want to do and find all other kind of things that offer them to enjoy these summer days comes only once in a year. The kids also want leader board type game but after playing this puzzle adventure game they almost forgot that any other game exist in their game related world. Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle is going to defeat all other rivals game of 2018 and become one of the big game.

Game Play:

Let’s start our journey of kids adventure game as we know other maze puzzle games you have to cross different doors. You have three players that you came across all the exciting 12 levels of the game. In the start you cross the doors but select the exact door to cross you did not find your path to end the level. You have multiple door choices in this maze adventure game and to cross the right door to avoid time limits and done your level. There are also check points in kids puzzle game if you get them then you get extra time to complete the puzzle. In few levels of this puzzle game you have to avoid some door that can fail your level. In this maze race game some exciting bridge levels where you find rope and obstacles you keep intact with large rope otherwise you will hang. Also many different camera angle used to help you to find exact path, free moreover jumps and speed levels. 

Key Features:

• 3 unique player for selection
• Multiple door to cross for level success
• Check points for gaining extra time
• Avoid opponents coming your ways
• Different camera angles for help
• Realistic environment with sound and controls

The Summer Adventures: Kid's Puzzle game is especially designed for summer kids adventure and also have love for maze gamers. They find fun and excitement while playing this maze racer summer adventure game having many extraordinary feature this game contain for their attraction. Because these vacation are too long and kids want to spend this time without getting bored. They really find it one of the biggest quest of this summer and never forgot this maze race of this kids puzzle game have given to them.

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