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Super World Animal Adventure Journey

Super World Animal Adventure Journey

by Tap 2 Ride

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  • Super World Animal Adventure Journey
  • Super World Animal Adventure Journey
  • Super World Animal Adventure Journey
  • Super World Animal Adventure Journey
  • Super World Animal Adventure Journey

Best classic retro game of animal adventure journey and run in the jungle, mountain, snow and underground. Pick your favorite location and animal start adventures in the super world of jungle. In this Super World Animal Adventure Journey, super smash with kong, fox, bear, mouse and mage must shoot, fight and smash enemies. In platform adventure games, find different items, power ups to gain health and pass through from different obstacles in super world animal adventure game. Super Jungle animal will run and jumps across adventure platforms and stops enemies and rivals during the levels.

Use attacking powers stick, shooting, punch and kick! Collect bullets powers for energy and weapons when going with adventures journey of jungle super world. Super Jungle World is a realistic super adventure of jungle world, a jungle animal or monkey boy want to will discover different treasures. Run and jump across the different platforms like super winter or among beautiful mountains and on sky paths and underground platforms in the best of platform adventure games. With rescue patrol adventures, finish the jungles adventures platformer game will have to jump and run over many obstacles, fight and shoot against enemies. Complete all levels of this super world animal adventures journey of jungle with addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle smash and shooting.

How to play: 

- Use buttons to jump, move and fire.
- Find weapon on the way through.
- Kill enemies by shooting, stick or jumping on them.

Features in Super World Animal Adventure Journey:

✽ 6 super worlds with jungle, frozen, underground & snow mountains.
✽ New generation best of platform adventure games for kids and all ages.
✽ Choose different monsters animals for run, jump & attack enemies and super boss.
✽ Every location has super boss at the ending level.
✽ Collect as many bullets as you can & shoot enemies. 
✽ Super worlds adventures of jungle unlock free when play to end of that super world.
✽ Classic platform game and easy to control with amazing worlds.
✽ Over 20 different enemies and super bosses, power ups (coins) & obstacles.
✽ Addictive gameplay & beautiful graphics with animal rescue patrol adventures.
✽ Classic platformer for kids, children and adults.

Play, run, jump and attack enemies and super boss and discover worlds with journey game. Start your adventure now and smash through those tricky monsters and enemies. Super World Animal Adventure Journey game will allow you to runs and jumps across platforms, hit and shoot enemies. In this adventure game includes hurdles, obstacles to test your jumping skills, get power-ups and items that give super animal energy.

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