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Sword Hit Master

Sword Hit Master

by Synarion IT Solutions

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  • Sword Hit Master

If you are thinking of a calculator then this time Synarion IT Solutions is again with the sweetest launch that is not at all an ordinary or basic calculator but a Puzzle Calculator. You will be enjoying the move of all the calculations and also the flow of the game. 

This is a type of calculator game that comes with tons of excitement, some brain-teasing with the touch of mathematical puzzle-solving. All such will flourish your mind and will create a sense of intelligence among the player that blooms the working of the mind of the players. This is a stupendous Offline Puzzle Game that comes with a wave of excitement. 

This game can be played with the use of different buttons and operators. All the buttons are meant to help you that is used by manipulating the number with the help of the operators by adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and finding the squares, cubes, and their roots. It also works along with the direct proportional, inverse relationship, reversing, and reciprocally related calculations.  

The game is integrated with the new design that comes in a woody and red pattern that seems to be very unique among all. This Puzzle Solver Calculatoris a game that is coming in a very enticing way and leaves you in a very different play. 

All the kids and young enjoyed the game a lot as they all are set into the mingling of amusement in the game which creates a gaming feel among them. This calculative game has made a change in the mood of many by making them ready to play this wonder ever. This is a game of some different knowledge with the hold of some smart puzzling. The game ends brings zeal to all the players by satisfying them with the levels and if you are stuck at any level it comforts you with the hints. 

So, if also want to sip this enthral of Puzzle Calculator then take a lead toward the excitement of the fast and fun game with its snowballing play. 

Look at some of the areas and features of the game:-

 Features of our Puzzle Calculator:

  • One of the best Android game 
  • It is one of those games which is Ads-free
  • It can be easily played offline 
  • You can enjoy the game by installing it on the device
  • Suitable for all the ages 
  • Appears to be an interesting game i.e. puzzles with the calculations
  • Gives you the next level of the learning 
  • A very smart calculator 
  • Engaged with the shoots of a cool interface
  • Comes on many levels
  • Explores LCD for any long and extra-long equation 
  • Easy button format with the modern gameplay
  • One of the best riveting game 

How do you download this game on your device?

If you also want to play this interesting game then go to the Google Play Store and install it on your device. Enjoy this Offline Puzzle Game with an easy installation. You will be experiencing this a very time-deserving game. 

About Our Team Of Developers

The experience of our team of developers has taken the game to the next level. It is integrated with the best UI and offers amazing features. The game is developed for all the ages of the players. Our team of experts has experience of 7+ years in the IT industry that uplifts the performance of the game. 

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