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Synarion - Word Frolic

Synarion - Word Frolic

by Synarion IT Solutions

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  • Synarion - Word Frolic
  • Synarion - Word Frolic
  • Synarion - Word Frolic
  • Synarion - Word Frolic

All are crazy about playing games and most people be it of any age prefer the games like solving puzzles or making a word by collecting the letters or alphabets from any corner of the side. The kids also love to play such kinds of games.

Word Frolic is the kind of game in which a word has to be created by connecting scattered letters and making a meaningful word, and the crossword is also played by forming words or phrases or by solving clues. It is one of those apps that connect puzzled alphabets to make a reliable meaning of that word.

Both of the games sharpen one’s mind as you have to think before taking any step and this makes kids busy with that game and elders can relieve their stress by playing this game.

It is a healthy addictive word puzzle game that is free to play and offers you a new design. You can solve all the word puzzles and if you get stuck somewhere then hints are also there which you can use to be a good word game master.

Word Frolic is a platform where you can feel the best by connecting puzzles with diverse themes and special mode gameplay.

How to play the Word Frolic Puzzle game?

• Go to the play store, install the app from there first,
• Solve all the word puzzles,
• Connect letters to build a word, be it crossword or a simple word
• Use the given hints to unveil a letter in the word blocks
• All this sounds easy, but it is hard to challenge the game.

Why play the game of puzzles with the new Word Frolic App?

The Word Frolic app is created with the classy UI design and also offers an interesting and best gaming experience with this classic word connecting game, and also enjoy the imaginative crossword gameplay that is blended and fused with the challenging word puzzles that make you bound with the same game till the end as this game fits tightly to your interests.

It is an app that is made with the experts of our team who are highly technically skilled and can understand the needs of the app in a better and more efficient manner. The app development team has made a great puzzle app and this app is a good option for Android users as it is integrated with the new and latest versions of Android.

The game offers you an opportunity to earn points and coins when you play safe, and if you want to get bonus coins then you have to find more extra words or if you get stuck somehow, then you can take help by using the hints given within the app or you can ask any of your friends or relatives to help you by sharing the level or point where you get stuck.

You can prove yourself to be a real word master, by solving all the word puzzles if you can. All you need to do is, link the words and train your brain to get smarter and genius.

During the game, you can feel relaxed with the comfortable and pleasing sound effects that touch your ears.



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