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Tappy Brain Party

Tappy Brain Party

by Sekip Games

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Enjoy a dynamic game with catchy songs and zombie party theme!
Tappy Brain Party is endless tappy game which avoids the stereotype, has increasing difficulty depending on the length and almost every moment is trying to test your reflexes and reaction.

How to play:
In the game, you are becomming  part of a zombie party and your main task is to protect your brain. At the right moment tap the shaded area when it is your falling brain, which you will protect. Place taps determines the direction of further movement and you need plan it well! After, on the party start to appear various pitfalls which you must avoid or destroy. Slow or incorrect reaction response your end. The longer you can keep your brain safe, the more points and achievements you get.

Throughout the game you can collect little brains, from which you  can buy new types of brains and songs. Also you can compete with other players because the game includes online leaderboards. In Tappy Brain Party so you can find:

- 25 brains
- 5 songs
- 35 achievements
- Online leaderboards
- No In App Purchases

Brain tip:
Don´t worry if you think you can not collect enough little brains to unlock new content.
- For every 10 points you get one little brain.
- If you reach the bonus or you catch the brain in the bottom of the marked area, you can double the amount of points and get more little brains.

Beat your friends, unlock new brains, songs and enjoy your Tappy Brain Party! So how long can you protect your brain?

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