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TINGE: A Color Game

TINGE: A Color Game

by Richard Davis

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  • TINGE: A Color Game
  • TINGE: A Color Game
  • TINGE: A Color Game
  • TINGE: A Color Game

Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steevjames.tinge

Any color that we see are made up of Red, Green and Blue. Every color
that stands out from the rest has a unique composition of these
colors. With good color sense, one can guess the color when the red,
green and blue compositions are given.

Tinge randomly generates a color to predict and the color is selected
randomly from over a million colors. The player is shown 9 colors from
which the represented color has to be selected. Challenging at first,
thrilling to play and you will get used to being fast and accurate
after getting experienced with it.

* This is a small sized game.
* The game does not have any sorts of advertisements.
* It is a very user friendly app.
* There are no permissions required to install or run making it fully safe.
* The app is rated for age 3+ in google play.
* This game does not run in the background.
* It is good and mind refreshing game.

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