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Mermaid Rescue Love Story

27 Jun 2018 Game Of The Day

Mermaid Rescue Love Story

by GameiMake

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  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story
  • Mermaid Rescue Love Story

Hey guys! We have come up with a fantastic mermaid's love story. The mermaid lives in a castle deep in the sea. A group of friends came here for fishing. But unfortunately, they capture the innocent mermaid. Mermaid feels so disappointed after what happened to her. She wants to get out of there. But How? Then she remembered her birthday present. The witch has given her a magical ring to get human's legs. But the ring is not on her finger then where is the ring? She found the ring and uses it to have legs like the human and get out of there.

After getting human's legs she went to meet the prince who captured her in the aquarium cage. Prince falls in love with her in short time. Carol and Prince went on a date. Prince proposed to her but she rejects it and reveals that she was just taking revenge. What will happen next in this amazing story of mermaid rescue? To know, play this mermaid rescue game and have lots of fun.

Key Features of Mermaid Rescue Love Story :

- Enjoy the amazing love story of the mermaid
- Celebrate mermaid's birthday in this mermaid love story game
- Do fishing and capture different fishes
- Fix the aquarium cage for mermaid
- Fix the magical ring for mermaid
- Enjoy the romantic dinner date in this love game
- Perform hand surgery for prince
- Enjoy few love moments with Carol and Prince

Guys, play this superb mermaid rescue love story game to enjoy thrilling adventure of the mermaid in her love story. There will be many ups downs to entertain you completely.

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Please suggest a next story for this game sequel , Please email us story if we like it we will make part 2 for this game sequel.

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